Giving Back

At Walker & Dunlop, we build community through our service as well as our work.

Connected and Committed

We’re in the business of providing housing—it’s the core of what we do—so we’ve made sure our corporate philanthropy aligns with our mission. We select charity partners that help alleviate poverty and homelessness, including LIFT and Community Solutions, and give back to them through our annual fundraiser.

This culture of caring extends across our 29 offices. Whether serving meals for the Women’s Lunch Place of Greater Boston, spending a 9/11 Day of Service with Greater DC Cares, or raising money for diabetes research in the JDRF Real Estate Games, you’ll find Walker & Dunlop employees getting involved, having fun, and making a difference in our communities.

Take an afternoon off to volunteer—solo or with your coworkers. We’ll pay you for your time, up to four hours a month. Raise money for your favorite charity. We’ll match you up to $500 a year. Walker & Dunlop empowers and encourages employees to make a difference in their communities and beyond. Walker & Dunlop truly values the importance of giving back.

Dynamic Contributions

Walker & Dunlop empowers and encourages employees to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Gifts that keep giving

Our annual fundraiser of donated items generated over $160,000 for LIFT and Community Solutions in 2017 alone.

Dynamic fundraising

Love running, biking, or other sports? Participate in our company-organized events, or gather your own group of colleagues.

Expanded networks

Connect and strengthen bonds with your coworkers while contributing to a good cause. We organize several volunteer opportunities a year across our 29 office locations.

I am passionate about philanthropy and—though it’s an extracurricular interest—my Walker & Dunlop colleagues have always encouraged my endeavors. Whether I’m raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, running in the Walk Like MADD 5k, or organizing a cancer awareness event, my team members continue to show up in support. I couldn’t have asked to join a better community and company.”

Dina Gunter

Analyst, Capital Markets // Fort Lauderdale, FL