Walker & Dunlop Commercial Property Funding

Commercial MortgageĀ Securitization & High Yield Lending

As a direct lender, Walker & Dunlop provides expedient and attractively priced fixed- and floating-rate financings for a broad range of commercial and multifamily property types nationwide.

Our CMBS product focuses on stabilized properties. These financings will generally be structured as fixed-rate with the following terms:

  • All major property types
  • $3 million - $150+ million
  • Non-recourse (subject to standard carve outs)
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • 5-, 7-, or 10-year terms
  • 20- to 30-year amortization (Interest only available)
  • First mortgage lien and partnership interest

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Our High Yield Program focuses on properties undergoing stabilization or redevelopment. These loans will generally be floating-rate and non-recourse with the following terms:

  • Transitional floating rate loans
    • All property types
    • Pricing: Libor + 450 - 650
    • Size requirements: > $10 million
    • Non-stabilized properties
  • High Yield Loans
    • All property types
    • Construction-oriented
    • Up to 85% LTV
    • Pricing: > Libor + 650
    • Equity-like returns
    • Control characteristics

For more information on these lending programs, please contact:

Geoff Smith 646-438-7715.


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