A little more about Fannie Mae…

We've consistently ranked as the #1 Fannie Mae DUS lender in the nation, with 15 percent market share, a $48 billion lending portfolio, and $11 billion in loans originated in 2020 alone.

What should you expect if you finance through Fannie Mae? Fannie Mae has provided small multifamily loans for more than two decades and has provided more than $24 billion of liquidity to this market in the past ten years. Their robust program offers loans up to $6 million. It's worth noting that Fannie Mae does take a unique approach to risk sharing, which can impact who they lend to and why – our team understands their platform. Because of our history with the agency, we are willing to be much more aggressive than our competitors to take on more risk.

…and the details on Freddie Mac

With a 9.9 percent market share, a $37 billion lending portfolio, and $8 billion in loans completed in 2020 alone, our Freddie Mac lending team ranked as the #4 lending partner in 2020 and has ranked in the top five for the past eight years.

Walker & Dunlop is an approved Freddie Mac Multifamily Small Balance Loan (SBL) lender with the resources, expertise, and insights to seamlessly originate Freddie Mac financing for loans between $1 and $7.5M.

Launched in 2014, the Freddie Mac SBL platform has grown exponentially since its inception. As of 2020, more than 10,500 loans have originated through their program in more than 300 markets nationwide. With an emphasis on stability and consistency, Freddie Mac Multifamily provides sustainable financing solutions through streamlined processes with terms that can meet your specialized needs.

Freddie Mac does take a slightly different approach to small balance lending than they do for their conventional lending platform – they have designed a platform that simplifies the underwriting and closing processes to lower closing costs for you.