Structured Equity

Structured Equity

Bridging the Equity Gap for Affordable Housing. Deep Understanding of Affordable Strategies.

Decades of experience working on both sides of affordable housing transactions gives us a deep understanding of the capital that owner/operators need to achieve their strategic objectives. Our team is exceptionally skilled at listening to what owner/operators want to achieve, helping them navigate the possibilities, and thoughtfully aligning them with the most suitable equity partners from both a strategic and cultural standpoint.

Extensive Relationships with Third Party Equity Sources

Finding new investment partners is challenging and time consuming for operators. Even the most sophisticated developers don’t often have the time or expertise to navigate relationships with third party equity investors, many of whom are new to the affordable housing space.

Our team has been cultivating relationships with affordable investors for years and knows where to look for new investors, how to vet them, and how to successfully pitch them on affordable opportunities. Our team does this work for owner/operators so they can keep their internal resources focused on what they do best.

A Premier Affordable Housing Platform

As part of a fully integrated affordable platform, not only can our structured equity team provide access to third party equity sources, but we can tap into the deep industry knowledge, experience and capabilities of our collective affordable team. This enables us to provide creative and comprehensive financing solutions tailored to owner/operators’ specific capital needs, no matter how unique or complex.



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Structured Equity Leadership

No matter where your project sits in the affordable housing ecosystem, our experienced team of over 150 dedicated affordable experts located throughout the country is ready to help you meet your affordable housing objectives.

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