Manufactured Housing Communities Financing

Manufactured Housing Communities Financing

A Proven Track Record as Manufactured Housing Financing Experts

Walker & Dunlop, a top Agency MHC lender, has a team of highly experienced financing experts to help you navigate the nuances of MHC financing every day. We work with all types of clients, including:

  • REITs
  • Equity firms
  • Family Offices
  • Owner operators
  • Developers

Our deal sizes typically range from $1 million to $100 million; our unique experience in MHC financing enables us to handle deals of any size. Our expertise has contributed to our ranking as one of the top two Fannie Mae DUS® Producers for Manufactured Housing Communities for the past five years.

We are well-versed in agency financing programs for MHCs, with a specific focus on the new Tenant Site Lease Protections requirements. Our team excels with the credit facility product for MHC, having closed on facilities with REIT clients across the country.

We also help clients with financing for properties with large concentrations of Park-Owned Homes. We financed Fannie Mae’s first-ever horizontal MHC rental, St. Jones Landing — a 63-site, all-age, 100-percent park-owned rental community (POH).

Walker & Dunlop’s areas of expertise include:

  • Rent Control
  • MHC Expansion
  • Manufactured Housing Communities Located in a Flood Zone
  • Active involvement in the Manufactured Housing Institute

Market Snapshot: MHC

With an estimated 43,000 manufactured housing communities across the U.S. now and an industry projection of manufactured housing growth at a CAGR of more than 5 percent from 2023 to 2028, this asset class plays an essential role in addressing the affordable housing crisis.

Walker & Dunlop is committed to helping solve the affordable housing crisis in the U.S., and our team of dedicated MHC experts is working tirelessly toward that goal by partnering with clients to finance manufactured housing community development and expansion across the country.

Our MHC Financing by the Numbers

  • 180K+ manufactured housing pad sites
  • 744 properties
  • 44 states with MHC deals financed
  • 43 Capital Sources


Send us a message or contact an expert near you. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your property needs.

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