Combating Intergenerational Poverty with LIFT


As we mentioned in our last philanthropy post, our team is dedicated to aligning our corporate philanthropy with our mission. For this second post, we turn our eye to LIFT, an organization devoted to ending intergenerational poverty.

Bethesda bike building for LIFT donation
Our Bethesda office teamed up with LIFT to build 15 bikes.

LIFT Mission

LIFT is a national nonprofit whose mission is to empower families to break the cycle of poverty.

In 2018, LIFT influenced the lives of almost 4,000 parents and children. When parents come to LIFT, on average, they are coming with $1,000 in debt and an average household income of roughly $17,000.

Working individually with LIFT coaches, parents were able to achieve an average savings increase of $1,100 and an average debt decrease of $2,000.

We’ve been honored to partner with LIFT for several years, and in 2018 LIFT-DC recognized our CEO, Willy Walker, as a 2018 UpLIFTing Honoree for the commitment that he, his family, and Walker & Dunlop has to LIFT’s work and the families served in Washington, D.C.

Over the past four years, Walker & Dunlop has raised over $850,000 for LIFT and Community Solutions, including $250,000 in 2018 and $206,000 in 2017.

For more information about LIFT’s programming, see their 2018 annual report.

Walker & Dunlop truly values the importance of giving back.

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