Student Housing Finance: A Quick Course in Student Living Trends

Outlook for Student Housing Finance 

Atmosphere at the University of Arkansas, which has seen an increase in student housing.
There are still plenty of smart investments in student housing.

It looks like students are looking for a little more than just the basic bunk bed in their dorms, and the student housing experts have noticed. The industry is constantly shifting to meet demand and address the latest trends, and has been a lucrative space for investors for a number of years. But has student housing started to experience the downside of its own success? In our opinion, there are still areas of growth.

Student Housing Poses Opportunity in the Multifamily Market

Despite recent challenges, opportunities can still be found in the right markets through the right financing programs.

In our Student Housing Outlook Report, we provide our perspectives on the latest trends shaping the market, backing our analysis with anecdotal evidence and data. We explore a number of topics, such as:

  • Micro housing's rise
  • Hot property amenities 
  • Affordable student housing 
  • Foreign investment 
  • Green financing

Our CRE Student Housing Expertise

Read our Student Housing Outlook to study up on the space.
Atmosphere at the University of Arkansas, which has seen an increase in student housing.

Since 2016, Walker & Dunlop has structured over $2.3 billion in various student housing loans, including four large acquisition pools, for Scion Student Communities, LLC, one of the leading owners, operators, and advisors of student housing in North America. In 2017, we provided $707,000,000 in financing for the acquisition of 23 student housing properties and more recently provided funding in the amount of $154,000,000 for Scion’s acquisition of University View at the University of Maryland, which represented the largest transaction ever made in the student housing segment.

With student housing as a sizeable and growing market, we are at the very forefront of growing financing solutions in the student housing sector. Read more about the upcoming trends in multifamily in our Student Housing Outlook Report.

Walker & Dunlop is one of the largest lenders to multifamily owners in the United States.

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