Making DE&I a reality in CRE

Walker & Dunlop launched CREUnited in 2021 to address a systemic lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion in commercial real estate. 

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CRE Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

A new alliance to create change

Minorities account for over 48 percent of the United States renter population and single women account for 42.5 percent of renters. But just four percent of real estate companies are owned by women or minorities. Minority-owned companies control approximately 1.2 percent of all assets under management, and women-owned firms manage just 0.8 percent. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture.

Various industry players have taken steps to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to commercial real estate, and we applaud their efforts. But we believe that much more can and must be done. The task is challenging, but we are committed to driving real change. As a catalyst for change, CREUnited seeks to deliver positive, meaningful results for women- and minority-owned firms.

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Our Mission & Vision

Increasing women & minority participation

CREUnited is an alliance of leading CRE firms dedicated to increasing minority participation across the entire commercial real estate industry, with the overarching goal of growing assets under management by underrepresented groups. Here’s how we’re working toward those goals:

  • Building new channels for women and minorities to access established professional networks
  • Expanding access to debt and removing barriers to equity capital
  • Providing access to technology, research, and data to give women and minority partners the tools they need to grow their portfolios

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Our progress

Our ecosystem includes owner partners, corporate partners, and vendor partners. This holistic approach enables us to meet the needs of women and minorities at every stage and industry level.


Growing assets


Owner partners


Vendor Partners


Corporate sponsors

CREUnited brings together organizations from across the CRE industry — all under one common interest: knocking down barriers that have hindered minority owners and operators from thriving in this industry.

TJ Edwards

Chief Production Officer - Multifamily Finance

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Help us break down barriers for women & minority owners and operators in CRE today.

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We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion is a moral imperative and a critical success factor for our innovation and growth.

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We’re passionate about creating meaningful change–in commercial real estate, in our communities, and in the wider world.

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