Ivy Zelman

Executive Vice President

Ivy Zelman

Ivy is widely known and respected for her bold thinking and accurate assessments where others failed, helping industry players avoid costly mistakes and capture game-changing opportunities. In 2005, she alone called the top of the housing market. From there, Ivy called the bottom of the housing market in January 2012, thus reinforcing her dominant reputation within the industry. Her analytical ability and strong conviction has made her the expert experts turn to and follow.

Ivy’s role as the leading expert in her field further took off when she famously asked Toll Brothers CEO, Bob Toll, on the Q4 2006 Toll Brothers conference call “Which Kool-Aid Are You Drinking?” She helped best-selling writer, Michael Lewis, with research related to the mortgage crash which became a part of his best-selling book turned movie, "The Big Short." Michael wrote in the book “all roads led to Ivy.”

Most notably, Ivy was inducted into the Institutional Investors - America Research Team’s inaugural Hall of Fame in 2012 as a result of Ivy and her team earning eleven 1st place rankings (1999 – 2004, 2006 – 2007 and 2010 – 2013).  Additionally, Hanley Wood, a leading real estate media firm, ranked Ivy as 14th of the Top 50 most influential persons in housing. In 2020, Ivy was included in Barron's Top 100 Women in U.S. Finance.

As one of the most powerful women on Wall Street, Ivy Zelman is a sought-after expert on the housing sector, and what the overall housing market means for investors, homebuilders, industry executives and the economy at large. She frequently appears on television shows such as CNBC, in major publications including "The Wall Street Journal," and has acted as a key witness in a congressional hearing.

Jim Cramer, host of the CNBC’s show "Mad Money," said “Ivy is the Ax of the homebuilders – the analyst who understands the group better than anyone else on Wall Street.”  

Ivy’s speaking engagements include industry conferences, board meetings, podcasts or special events for organizations such as: Bloomberg, CNBC, TD Ameritrade Network, Bloomberg’s Masters in Business, RealCrowd, International Builder Show, MBS Highway, National Association of Homebuilders, NFX, National Association of Realtors, National Organization of Investment Professionals, Mortgage Banking Association, Moody’s, AmeriCatalyst, PropTechCEO Summit, Realty Alliance, Arch  | MI and more. She received a Bachelor's of Science from George Mason University. Ivy is a special advisor to the Cleveland-based Laurel School Investment Club, BBYO, as well as a mentor to high school and college students.

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