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January 3, 2022

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Build-for-rent: Beyond the basics

Build-for-rent: Beyond the basics

What it takes to finance, underwrite, and manage a BFR community

The Build-for-Rent (BFR) market has been gaining momentum consistently for the past few years, but in the past several months, we’ve seen activity in the space like never before. In our latest BFR webcast, we go a step beyond the basics to demonstrate the nuances of financing, underwriting, and managing a BFR property.

Our Build-for-Rent address numerous topics, including:

  • Growth of BFR: Is it outpacing traditional multifamily?
  • Ins and outs of financing: What does it take to get a deal done?
  • Underwriting and asset management: Is a unique approach needed?
  • BFR property management: What are the tips and tricks from a manager?


Our build-for-rent experts

While our panelists covered a lot in the one hour, there is more to be discussed. We had over 80 questions come in during the session, so if we didn't get to yours, please reach out to chat with one of our dedicated SFR & BFR experts.

  • Our team is comprised of 16 experts strategically positioned across the business to finance and sell SFR & BFR properties nationally
  • We have an active pipeline of $4B+
  • And are active with over fifty groups in the space, ranging from institutional clients, home builders, multifamily developers, and individual investors

Looking for a wider view of the BFR space? Check out our earlier webcast, where we cover all of the basics.

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