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April 19, 2021

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Driven by potential: Suzanne Hillman, Southern Management Companies

Driven by potential: Suzanne Hillman, Southern Management Companies

We are pleased to present our next CRE visionary featured in our What Drives You campaign, Suzanne Hillman, President & CEO of Southern Management Companies.

For Suzanne Hillman, leading a $5 billion company began with mastering the art of drywalling—and a distinctive approach to finding opportunities and realizing potential. Throughout her career, she applied her family’s approach to business: see value in places that others may overlook, then bring these possibilities to life by investing for the long-term. 

In the mid-2010s, Suzanne brought this philosophy to Southern Management Companies. To this day, Southern Management still owns the very first property it acquired, and it continues to be one of their top-performing assets.

For more of Suzanne’s story, take a look at the full feature and continue to stay tuned for more inspirational stories.

Also watch the feature video.

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