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April 19, 2022

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Modernizing CRE financing through technology

Modernizing CRE financing through technology

Commercial real estate is a $20+ trillion industry—and behind the curve in many ways in terms of technology and innovation. Walker & Dunlop Chief Product Officer Marc Rutzen and his team are out to change this situation and disrupt the industry.

“Today’s CRE investor or developer deserves not just money from a lender but an efficient, enjoyable borrowing experience,” Rutzen said. “So we have assembled a team of data scientists, engineers, developers, and real estate subject matter experts to fundamentally transform how real estate finance works.”

Leveraging the innovative culture of a startup and the stability of a publicly traded company, the Walker & Dunlop product team put their data science, and product development capabilities to work. They created tools that use algorithms and real-time data from hundreds of thousands of deals nationwide to provide a quote in minutes, automatically identify comps, and more.

The technology, delivered through the Galaxy Platform, facilitates fast, efficient, accurate underwriting. It also strengthens Walker & Dunlop’s ability to serve as a trusted advisor during the lending experience. 

“You don’t have time to look at every individual and think about what is the best rates and terms for your portfolio,” Rutzen said. “With Galaxy, Walker & Dunlop is constantly monitoring rates, deals, and terms and advising you on the best strategy to optimize your investment. Best of all, our technology tells you the status of your loan every step of the way.” 

Galaxy is just one milestone on Walker & Dunlop’s product roadmap. “We’re on a mission to build the world’s best financing experience,” Rutzen said. 

Check out what the team has been up to!

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