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February 28, 2020

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Winter Multifamily Outlook: A focus on affordable housing

Winter Multifamily Outlook: A focus on affordable housing
Winter Multifamily Outlook
Winter Multifamily Outlook with a focus on Affordable Housing

The multifamily market had a strong year in 2019, and signs point to a robust 2020. For this issue, we wanted to focus on a particular section of the market: affordable housing. In this issue we discuss the housing crisis, outline some of the tactics that can be used to combat unaffordability, and spotlight individuals who are making real change within their communities.

New year, new look at the CRE industry

Walker & Dunlop is a top multifamily lender with HUDFreddie Mac and Fannie Mae. To help you start off 2020 with as much information as possible, this report includes:

  • Economic overview and state of the multifamily market
  • Affordable housing in focus: Stats, studies, and solutions
  • Exclusive Q&A with FHFA Director Mark Calabria
  • How Opportunity Zones and HUD D4 can be paired together to provide new, affordable housing
  • Market spotlight: The growth and affordability in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Egbert Perry: A pioneer from Antigua who revitalized Atlanta
  • Project Destined: Opening doors of opportunity in CRE

Download the full Multifamily Outlook Report.

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