The Search for a Vaccine

  • Webcast | May 20, 2020
The Search for a Vaccine

Willy will host our Walker Webcast with his guest, Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Hamburg, the former Commissioner of FDA and current Foreign Secretary at the National Academy of Medicine. They will discuss COVID-19 vaccine development and how the introduction of a vaccine could be the catalyst to fully reopen the economy and get back to business.

Willy and Dr. Hamburg will cover:

  • How the FDA handles fast-tracking certain vaccines and medications
  • Concerns about loosening approval standards to get needed drugs and equipment into use
  • Lessons learned from the Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin situation
  • A look at how this experience will affect vaccine development and funding in the future
  • How countries and governments are communicating and working together to develop a vaccine
  • Predictions surrounding anti-body testing and the importance of testing in order to re-open the economy


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