Building the next generation of leaders: Robert Glazer’s take

March 8, 2023

Building the next generation of leaders: Robert Glazer’s take

Robert Glazer

Founder & Chairman of Acceleration Partners

The Walker Webcast recently hosted Robert Glazer, one of the foremost experts on team-building.

Robert Glazer holds a variety of titles, from chairman and founder of Acceleration Partners to podcast host and author. Acceleration Partners is a global partner marketing agency that has been the recipient of numerous industry and company culture awards, such as the GlassDoor Employees’ Choice Award.

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Bob to talk about teambuilding, identifying key individuals within your company, and the release of his new book, Elevate Your Team: Empower Your Team To Reach Their Full Potential and Build A Business That Builds Leaders.

Focusing on the long game for staffing

Although the current supply side issues in the labor market make hiring difficult right now, it’s important to maintain a long-term focus. It’s tempting to shift focus to the short term when filling a position is difficult, but maintaining a long-term hiring focus is key. Hiring people who can scale with your business and provide long-term value should still be priority number one when growing your staff.

Top performers vs. people who can scale with your company

Hiring managers sometimes confuse top performers with key employees that can scale with the business. However, these are typically two distinctly different types of people. A top performer will not always be someone who is a great fit for growth and scaling.

Top performers are often people with lots of experience that are able to grow at a rate slightly below the growth rate of the company. These people are often great at their specific function as an employee, but may not be able to keep pace with the company and grow their responsibilities.

Employees that can scale with a business are often growing at a rate equal to or greater than the company growth rate. These people are typically looking for more responsibility, and they love a good challenge.

Empower employees to learn and earn

The way to keep key talent is to give them the ability to learn new skills that will help them with their job. Glazer cited a recent study that found 94% of Gen Z and Millennials would stay at a job longer if they were given the chance to learn more. Given how fluid the current job market is, having a plan for teaching and building upon an employee’s skill set is pivotal.

Realistically, those who want to focus on one specific thing or niche can become consultants or freelancers and typically make more money than they would as an employee. That’s why having a great value proposition for your employees is key in today’s job market.

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