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David Faber, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street Co-Anchor: From humble beginnings to iconic interviews

June 16, 2021

David Faber, CNBC’s Squawk on the Street Co-Anchor: From humble beginnings to iconic interviews

David Faber

CNBC's Squawk on the Street Co-Anchor

Squawk on the Street co-anchor David Faber is used to asking the questions, but this time, he's answering them instead.

Squawk on the Street co-anchor David Faber is used to asking the questions - on the latest Walker Webcast, he took a turn answering some! David covered everything from his early career as a financial journalist, the importance of phone calls and leveraging relationships, the details of some of his most iconic interviews, and much more. Watch now!


The episode begins with Willy introducing David and his early career. He was an English major whose father was a lawyer. He gravitated toward journalism while in D.C. and eventually moved to New York where he began writing for the Bank Letter covering corporate lending. David has always had an interest in television and wrote a letter to CNBC to begin a conversation and relationship with them. They hired him to host a show of prerecorded financial conferences and brought his news making ability to the network.

David begins his mornings at CNBC in the office around 7am, when he calls the same group of corporate hedge fund folks to get a sense of what stories and events are interesting to them. He believes in calling because it gives him the opportunity to hear the tone, ask follow-ups, and make stronger connections. Lots of CEOs are at home when he’s on the air, and often his phone will light up with texts and emails when he’s reporting on things that affect them. 

David was doing his broadcast from home for six months during the pandemic. He says it was great to be able to work from home and pivot to help save the network. However, he was excited to get back to the studio where he can work not just with his co-anchors, but also the behind-the-scenes production teams. For him, working at home was difficult and while he may be interested in doing it every once in awhile in the summer, he is happy to be back in the studio and a regular workplace.

Then, Willy asks David about some of his iconic reporting, such as his reporting on the fraud at WorldCom. He was shooting a documentary about the issue in Bernard, the ex-Ceo’s- hometown and he was able to walk through the town and have a conversation with him. The interview was used in his trial where he was eventually convicted to 25 years in prison. Another iconic interview David conducted was at the beginning of the financial crisis when he spoke with Alan Schwartz of Bear Stearns. He tries to ask the tough question but isn’t interested in “gotcha journalism.”

As the episode ends, Willy and David discuss GameStop and AMC and the gamification of investing. David also shared a bit from behind the scenes of his turn guest hosting Jeopardy.


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