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Democracy for the new age: Colorado Senator Michael Bennet on the future of politics

May 17, 2022

Democracy for the new age: Colorado Senator Michael Bennet on the future of politics

Michael Bennet

Colorado Senator

As our nation continues to become increasingly more divided, Michael Bennet discusses what this means for the future of democracy.

As our nation continues to become increasingly more divided, what does this mean for the future of democracy? On the latest Walker Webcast, we're joined by Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. From the economy and inflationary pressures to gun laws, the war in Ukraine, and the Supreme Court, no topic was off limits.

On today's episode, Willy welcomes Colorado Senator Michael Bennet. Michael is an American businessman, lawyer, and politician serving as the Senior Senator from Colorado, a seat he has held since 2009. Previously, he was Investment Director for the Anschutz Investment Company, Chief of Staff to the Denver Mayor, and Superintendent of the Denver Public Schools. To begin, Willy asks Michael why he chose to become involved in politics. It is his hope that he brings a fresh perspective from his business life and time as superintendent compared to those with a strictly business background. He was the third generation of the Bennet family to attend Wesleyan University, where his father was President. He then went to Yale Law School, where he was editor of the Yale Law Journal. Eventually, Michael reached the conclusion that he wasn't meant to practice law.

Though he is not in the business anymore, Michael discusses his work with three significant movie theater operations. Then, he shares the experience of the day he was officially sworn in as senator. At the time, he had doubts about his capabilities going into his leadership role. His conclusion is that landing a position in the American senate is largely based on luck. Michael really went from 0 to 60 in terms of putting together his first campaign. He recounts that experience and reveals that it was a difficult year for Democrats.

Michael spends a lot of time discussing the very pressing issue of water supply in the west. Colorado had the three worst fires in the state's history two years ago and extreme smoke and air quality problems last year. The biggest mistake committed by climate advocates, he believes, is the failure to educate people on what the transition is actually going to look like. In light of the current economy and inflationary pressures, Michael's biggest concerns are the size and length of the Fed's intervention, as well as the housing shortages. Thus, housing prices are going through the roof. We need to begin thinking about how we can create an economy that will protect our people, create supply chains, and more. He believes that there is an opportunity that former presidents did not pursue, which could allow us to create an economy that grows for everyone.

Then, Michael gives insight into the current intelligence committee in light of the war in Ukraine. This, he believes, is a real demonstration of why totalitarianism is a terrible way for people to recognize themselves. Putin was not advised that his army may be weak or that the Ukrainians would fight back. Additionally, he deeply underestimated what the global community would be. The bravery of the Ukrainian people has been so inspiring to people all over the world. He touches on the Roe v. Wade leak and the responsibility of those who believe in a woman's right to choose. While he is a gun owner himself, Michael believes strongly in the importance of background checks and other cautionary procedures when it comes to gun ownership.

As the episode wraps up, Michael shares his predictions for the Republican and Democratic nominees for the 2024 presidential election.

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