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It’s all about diversification: BlackRock’s Kate Moore on market activity and investment advice

April 21, 2021

It’s all about diversification: BlackRock’s Kate Moore on market activity and investment advice

Kate Moore

BlackRock Managing Director

Kate covered the investment opportunities worth tracking, the hot trends she's watching, and the markets she tracks.

In the latest Walker Webcast, BlackRock Managing Director Kate Moore returned, and if you missed the live event, we recommend you listen with a pad of paper for notetaking. Kate covered the investment opportunities worth tracking, the hot trends she's keeping a speculative eye on, and the geographic markets she sees as most (and least) promising.

Willy kicks off today’s conversation by introducing Kate and shedding light on her career background. Kate’s job is to identify opportunities to exploit structural change and policy evolutions. In light of recent structural changes that are currently underway, listen as Kate points out some opportunities for change that may have been overlooked from her perspective at BlackRock. Then, she shares her prediction for the future of such progressive changes being implemented.

Before the Q3 earnings came out, Kate was publicly cautionary. Listen as she discusses the changes between then and now in terms of COVID cases, lockdowns, elections and income uncertainties. She reports of companies cutting costs and streamlining their businesses to deliver on the bottom line. Despite the political and virus implications, she has since become more constructive. She expects the market will experience a slight digesting period over the course of the next few months, but it won’t be detrimental.

Despite the talk of big government and tax increases imminent with a Biden election, we haven’t seen this be the case. Kate explains that markets crave the clarity which she believes Biden provides. Listen as Kate offers valuable advice on what investors should keep in mind moving forward in the unpredictable stock market. She airs her frustrations regarding recent events such as Gamestop and how they operate, before moving on to discuss Bitcoin and speculate how the future of cryptocurrency may play out in the global economy.

How will the Biden administration support lower income workers and families financially post-Covid? How will consumer trends play out in light of this support? Kate says we shouldn’t anticipate the same retail atmosphere that we had in 2019, pre-Covid. For the most part, the big companies have only gotten bigger while the small companies are disappearing. Kate breaks down the various reasons for this trend and what her expectations are moving forward. The impact of Covid on supply chains varies greatly from industry to industry. Much of the incoming data suggest the reopening sensitive data are rebounding faster than forecasted. Kate doesn’t predict a major inflation issue looming around the corner.

Additionally, Kate shares her observations and view on China, which BlackBlock is quite fixated on. She breaks down the portfolio perspective and the benefits China offers to a global portfolio. Unlike the U.S. and surrounding countries who outsource goods, China’s entire portfolio is a direct reflection of Chinese consumers. From a rates perspective, there is an attractive yield in China’s fixed income. They discuss the reemergence of Europe and their operating leverage.

Kate covers the profound investments and technological advances made by BlackRock. Everyone is now using data in a million different ways, but Kate says BlackRock is unparalleled. Don’t miss Kate’s final predictions and what she will be focusing on moving forward in light of current global trends!


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