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Live younger – for longer: Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Peter Linneman on their new book, The Great Age Reboot

September 27, 2022

Live younger – for longer: Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Peter Linneman on their new book, The Great Age Reboot

Dr. Peter Linneman & Dr. Michael Roizen

Leading Economist, Former Wharton Professor & Chief Wellness Officer at Cleveland Clinic

Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Roizen and renowned economist, Dr. Peter Linneman discuss the secret to longevity.

On a groundbreaking episode of the Walker Webcast, we were joined by Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and renowned economist, Dr. Peter Linneman. They joined Willy to discuss the most jaw-dropping medical, technological, and scientific advances that will significantly extend lives, all of which are covered in their new book, The Great Age Reboot. 

Discover the critical factors to maintaining health, the greatest detriment to our immune system, the far-reaching benefits of exercise, incredible medical trials being studied today, and so much more.

Michael starts off the episode by explaining the concept of “real age.” It’s the “net present value of the choices we make” based on disability and mortality data—and the most accurate predictor of cardiovascular-caused mortality that we know of.

Unlike calendar age, real age is a part of our destiny that’s largely under our control. In fact, we can use self-engineering to impact up to 80% of our DNA settings and “reboot,” which Peter found to be his most interesting discovery while writing the book. He says “real aging” is something we simply can’t afford to ignore as a society. 

So, how exactly does one turn back the clock? Michael details six key factors: managing stress, making healthy food choices, staying active, avoiding bad habits, getting enough sleep, and taking supplements. 

For healthy food choices, Michael noted five food types that increase blood sugar levels and therefore aging: simple sugars, added syrup, simple carbohydrates, red meat and egg yolks. When you eat matters as well. People who eat earlier in the day are proven to eat better, sleep more, and are less hungry, according to Michael. He recommends eating only when the sun is up.

In the heated debate between resistance training vs. cardio for exercise benefits, which does Michael suggest? Jumping—specifically jumping on a hard surface 40 times per day. It’s an effective exercise to prevent mobility and hip fractures as we age, he says, as it keeps the disks in the back lubricated and increases bone strength, he says. 

Peter weighs in from an economist’s perspective. He rejects the belief that our society can’t afford people to live longer. Longer lives indicate greater health, and less need for care and resources. 

The impact of stress is not to be minimized, according to Peter and Michael. In fact, it is the strongest thing which diminishes our immune system as we age.  Fortunately, there’s a powerful way to counteract stress: through friends and purpose. It can be difficult to do as we get older, particularly as sensory losses impact the ability to interact. But losing engagement with other people has massive implications for overall health. Peter shares personal experiences and practical tips, including how he strives to keep in touch with seven people on a regular basis.  

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