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July 27, 2021

Walker & Dunlop career journey spotlight: Carina Johnson

Walker & Dunlop career journey spotlight: Carina Johnson

Investment in growth: Climbing the professional ladder at W&D

I began my career in the insurance industry as an intern during college, then proceeded to hold positions at different companies within the industry after graduation. With encouragement from one of my colleagues, I decided to apply for a job at Walker & Dunlop, even though transitioning to a new company was outside of my comfort zone. I made the jump because I wanted change and the potential for growth in my career.

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I immediately loved the collaborative culture among Walker & Dunlop employees and the ability to assist others, even those on different teams. Working among various groups gave me a birds-eye-view of the different departments, leaders, and career opportunities at the company, and I soon became the lead on developing the servicing insurance department’s audit process and system. My willingness to raise my hand and take on additional responsibilities caught the attention of my manager, which in turn opened the door to more opportunities at Walker & Dunlop.

I’ve always aligned my personal development goals to the broader goals of the company to ensure that when opportunity knocked and changes occurred, I was well-positioned to go above and beyond in my role and be considered for future advancement. I was able to showcase my strengths, push beyond feelings of insecurity, and tackle challenges with confidence - it was fulfilling work, and my efforts were recognized through various promotions. Ultimately, I was able to advance my career as Walker & Dunlop grew as a company.

If I had been at a company that was not growing or that pigeonholed me into one role, I wouldn’t have gained additional career exposure, developed pivotal leadership skills, or had the opportunity to work with and learn from such incredible teams. I’m so thankful for the opportunities and advancement that Walker & Dunlop has provided me. Thanks to the support from my managers and strong leaders at the company, I was able to not only advance my career, but also develop meaningful relationships along the way.

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