Collateral Valuation Services

GSE-compliant multifamily appraisals in select markets nationwide in five business days or less.

Offerings and Service Levels

GSE Standard Multifamily Appraisals

Final appraisals including inspection in five business days or less.

Other Appraisals

Desktop and restricted appraisals (e.g., for periodic valuation for financial reporting) in five business days or less once required documents provided/inspection completed, if requested.

USPAP/FIRREA Standard Multifamily Appraisals

Final appraisals including inspection within five business days or less.

  • Coverage

    30+ states at launch with nationwide coverage targeted by the end of 2020.

  • Standards


  • Technology and Data

    Workflow automation reduces errors by populating property, comp, rent, location, and market data from third party sources and client-provided documents.


About Apprise

Apprise delivers Government-Sponsored Enterprise-standard (GSE) commercial real estate (CRE) appraisals in five business days or less, with unprecedented property- and market-level insights, presented with consistent data structures that produce superior quality reports. Apprise is a joint venture that combines Walker & Dunlop’s industry-leading multifamily underwriting experience, GeoPhy’s data science and analytics technology prowess, and the expertise of some of the most trusted MAI-certified appraisers in the country.


With Apprise, underwriters and borrowers spend more time putting their local valuation experience to work rather than validating spreadsheets. Our appraisers use their extra time to draw nuanced conclusions and provide recommendations. Among the Apprise analytical tools they can use is GeoPhy’s supplemental Automated Valuation Model (AVM) as an additional input into the valuation process, complementing traditional appraisal valuation approaches.


Appraisers, underwriters, and borrowers currently pass draft reports back and forth to resolve data inconsistencies and inaccuracies. By automating data procurement and processing, Apprise standardizes data points and report layout, resulting in more streamlined, consistent appraisals.


CRE borrowers want to finalize sources of capital as soon as possible. They prefer lenders who can lock terms quickly. Currently, the weeks-long time to complete appraisals is a barrier to finalizing loan terms. This lag results in increased funding risk for borrowers and inhibits capital deployment from lenders. Apprise speeds the deployment of capital by reducing appraisals’ turnarounds from weeks to days.

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