Build-For-Rent and Single-Family Rental Financing

Build-For-Rent and Single-Family Rental Financing

A Track Record as Build-For-Rent and Single-Family-Rental Experts

Walker & Dunlop’s dedicated practice group can provide your team with expert advice and guidance for all of your BFR/SFR needs. The build-for-rent (BFR) and single-family rental (SFR) space exploded in 2020, but the Walker & Dunlop team is not new to this market. Walker & Dunlop, #1 multifamily lender in the United States, was a leader in BFR/SFR several years before the industry took notice - our team has a $1.9 billion plus active pipeline. We are perfectly positioned to service all of your SFR and BFR transaction needs.

Walker & Dunlop’s transaction expertise includes:

With combined 20+ years of team experience, we have a finger on the pulse on all things SFR and BFR, from the strongest performing geographic markets, to the investors and lenders most active in the space. Whether you’re already active in this sector, or it is brand new for you, we have all of the tools, access, and expertise needed to seamlessly realize your vision.

Market Snapshot: Single-Family Rental and Build-for-Rent

The growth of the SFR asset class is expected to outpace multifamily, office, retail, storage, and hospitality growth within the next few years. BFR properties, a sub-segment of the SFR market, are purpose-built housing to be operated as single-family rental investments. This increasingly popular concept within the multifamily industry currently makes up nearly ten percent of new homes built. The rapidly growing BFR market will continue expanding as more residents prefer to rent single-family homes with yards and upscale amenities on a long-term basis. Our team is always up to date on all of the latest trends and is providing our clients with insights to steer transaction decisions.


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Walker & Dunlop’s specialty practice group comprises 12 experts strategically positioned throughout the business to finance and sell SFR and BFR communities across the United States.

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