Insurance Company

Insurance Company

With one of the strongest networks in the industry, we maintain unparalleled relationships with a multitude of correspondent insurance companies, including ones that go as far back as 1947. This unprecedented access to lenders allows us to do business with virtually any borrower profile, local operators and larger institutional investors alike.

From long-term, fixed-rate lending to something more short-term, this option allows Walker & Dunlop to access financing for any type of property, including commercial, retail, industrial, multifamily, office, and hospitality. Typically, the broker or lender stays with the borrower throughout the life of the loan, making loan servicing a much more accessible, connected, and straightforward experience.


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Loan Servicing

Our loan servicing team successfully manages one of the largest commercial real estate loan portfolios in the country.

Structured Finance

For capitalization beyond debt financing loans, Walker & Dunlop’s Structured Finance Group connects you to all options…